So you want to play the violin?

Meghan teaches private, in-home lessons in the Chicago area, and is a violin faculty member at the Francis W. Parker School and at the British International School of Lincoln Park.

With over a decade of teaching experience, Meghan works with students of all ages and levels to develop a strong technical foundation while instilling a love for music, learning, and performing. Lessons are available in 30-45-60 min. sessions, depending on the student’s age and skill level. Rates vary by location and time; contact me for more information or to set up a meeting.


~ What is a good age for my child to begin violin lessons?

This is very individual, and will depend on each child’s motor skills development, attention span, and motivation, among other factors. For most children, 5 is a good age to begin private lessons. Kindermusik or Suzuki Group Classes are excellent options for younger students.

~ I am an adult interested in learning the violin, am I too old?

No! It is never too late to learn. While the steep learning curve in the beginning can be frustrating for adult students, you will find that with routine practice and appropriate goals, you can make quick progress.

~ I am a beginner violin student; should I rent or buy an instrument?

Rent! The quality of the instrument that you will receive for $25-30/month will far exceed that of the $100 V.S.O. (violin shaped object) that you can purchase off of Amazon. Poorly made instruments (or V.S.O.s…) are difficult to play and sound bad. They are an extra frustration that leads to lack of motivation and enjoyment in playing. Furthermore, younger students can move through three to four fractional sizes before reaching a full size. Consider purchasing after the student has reached a full size, and with the assistance of a teacher.

~ Where can I rent a violin?

For Chicago-land students, contact me for rental referrals. Look for shops that offer rentals set up in shop by a luthier (a violin maker/repairer), and better yet, that apply a portion of the rental fees toward the eventual purchase of an instrument. A good shop will also offer maintenance and/or insurance plans, in the case of any needed repairs.

~ How often should I take lessons?

Lessons occur on a weekly basis, though bi-weekly lessons are great when you are preparing for an audition or competition, or just want to jumpstart your learning. The most important thing is consistency - especially in the beginning - as you will learn faster with a regular lesson and practice schedule.